Te Rohe Potae Inquiry

On the 29 August 2008 Josephine Anderson, on behalf of the RUHT and the Hapū of Ruapuha and Uekaha, filed claim Wai 1805 with the Waitangi Tribunal. 

This claim relates to the recording and implementation of the Wai 51 settlement between Ruapuha and Uekaha and the Crown in 1990.  There were two reasons for the claim.  The first was that the Crown did not properly record and implement the Wai 51 settlement and there are various matters that remain outstanding some 25 years later.   The second reason was the Tane/Martin applications filed in the MLC which sought to vary the terms of trust for the RUHT which could have varied the Wai 51 settlement.

Wai 1805 was heard as part of the Te Rohe Potae inquiry of the Waitangi Tribunal.  The position of the Crown is that if there were any defects with the recording and implementation of the Wai 51 settlement then It was the responsibility of the mediator and the Waitangi Tribunal. 

The RUHT filed a submission in reply to the Crown on the 9 March 2015.  There are good evidential and legal grounds to contest the Crown’s submissions about the recording and implementation of Wai 51.  At the final hearing Judge Ambler noted that it may be possible for the Waitangi Tribunal to release a separate and early report containing findings on Wai 1805 to assist the RUHT in ongoing negotiations with the Crown.  The RUHT will invite the Waitangi Tribunal to do so to assist the early settlement of Wai 1805.

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