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Oral Traditions

Oral Traditions by Walter Anderson

The following is a brief of history recorded by Walter Anderson. His knowledge was gained by attending wananga during 1985-1987 where he had the privilege of being tutored by Pumi Taituha and Robert Emery and from listening to korero told to him by Moera Anderson, Darcy Wahanui, Kapetiu Te Kanawa, Wahanui Claude Taane and Te Aue Davis.

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AGM Report

Ruakuri Cave Wahi Tapu

Given the high public visitor attendance in the area there was a clear objective to protect the taonga, to show respect and sensitivity to the Wahi Tapu, to protect all natural features including the karaka trees to stop people from intentionally or unintentionally trampling the habitation area or desecrating the Wahi Tapu.

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Forward Vision

Forward Vision by Adrian Martin

Proposed Forward Vision Outline for varying the Ruapuha Uekaha Hapu Trust.

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AGM Report

Vision Document by Norman Tane

Tane-letter to Beneficiaries in the Waitomo Caves (Hauturu East 8 Block) Ahu Whenua Trust.

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2013 Report

Hauturu East 8 Block/Ruapuha Uekaha Hapu Trust Meeting 13 April 2013

The objective of the hui was to provide the beneficiaries with information as to the competing visions for the future of the Ruapuha Uekaha Hapu Trust.

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Strategic Plan 2013 - 2017

To connect and to reconnect our people to their whanau and their whenua.

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